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Toyota FT-1 Graphite Concept Car

toyota ft-1 graphite

Toyota’s design team has been on a rampage, creating the hot new Toyota FT-1 Graphite Concept car. The car’s design started with the original FT-1 as its basis, but then took off in new extreme directions. The Toyota team lowered the car, added wider tires, tossed in more downdraft to keep the car glued to the race track, tweaked the engine, and improved the transmission. You might be under the impression they went through all the sketching, clay mock-ups, and CAD work in order to design a new car for the track or the road, but reality is a lot more playful.

This amazing design out of Toyota’s design labs is for the next edition for Gran Turismo, GT-6. The car will be Toyota’s new entry into the gaming race events to go up against designs from other auto manufacturers. You can put yourself behind wheel of this raging concept car by playing GT-6 which has just released.

Via Toyota Pressroom