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Triumph Scrambler EFI by Ton-Up Garage

triumph scrambler efi

Ton-Up Garage has a knack for taking classic bikes and doing modifications that make sense, keep the core strength and beauty of the bike, and then kicking up performance a few notches. This Triumph Scramble EFI was rebuilt and customized with loving care by by the team at Ton-Up Garage. The already powerful motor was not even touched except for an exceptional rebuild and tuning. The exhaust was changed to the Zard Short Exhaust for better breathing and touch more power.  The rest of the bike was gently massaged to bring out the strength of the design. They shortened the rear mudguard, lift the front guard, and shortened the grill to deal with the light. The suspension was beefed up with improved shocks and fork springs. The standard tires were flipped out for a pair of off road tires.

The final result was a bike that looked tougher than the original with its new black paint scheme. Performance leaped due to the minor tweaks, plus the bike was ready to race down the road or slide off-road for some new adventures. Another great build from Ton-Up Garage.






Via Motorivista and Ton-Up Garage