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Tron Camaro by Team Turbo Legacy

tron camaro team turbo legacy

Science fiction and sports car addictions seem to go hand in hand. Team Turbo Legacy of San Jose California has put together a car which combines both passions, the Tron Camaro. The car is part of the Team Turbo Legacy mission to blow doors off of other cars and melt some faces alongside the roads. This car has become a hit at car rallies, in magazines, and on the hottest modified car websites.

Bright blue neon highlights can be seen racing over the hood and down the sides of the car forming a circuit pattern. Dark blue paint makes the car disappear into the night with only the bright highlights glowing under the streetlights. Seeing the grill and hood of this car in your rear view mirror may cause a little envy and fear to kick in knowing this car is about to fly right past you.

Team Turbo Legacy organizes and participates in car events in San Jose and throughout California and the USA. You can learn more about their story and cars on their Facebook Page.

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