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TwinTrax by German Motorcycle Authority

twintrax german motorcycle authority

Be afraid! Get excited! The TwinTrax by German Motorcycle Authority creates vision of Star Wars, Judge Dredd, and Tron all rolled into one motorcycle. This is a motorcycle you could imagine the Terminator driving, or being created in the Bat Cave. The motor is so unbelievable to see that you can easily understand why it took 12 years to build. The parts are all custom selected and hand-built to create a motorcycle experience that is amazing.

Why should you be afraid? The motorcycle is powered by TWO Harley Davidson 1340 CC motors each pumping out 80 HP. Yes, that is TWO! That helps to explain the long 106″ length and the extremely long build time. Imagine designing a motorcycle combining the power to dual super motors like this. German Motorcycle Authority did not just imagine it, they designed it, built it, and have now tested it. Simply incredible!

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