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Vilner Mini Cooper Italian Job Edition

Mini Coopers are a ton of fun on the road because they are so lightweight and easy to maneuver around the city. After watching the ‘Italian Job’ movie I think the impression I had over the Mini Cooper S made me even more excited to test drive one and feel the excitement. The major aspect of the Mini Cooper that I really was not fond of was the interior but this has all changed with the Vilner Mini Cooper Italian Job Edition. Price is still to be determined for this vehicle but by the looks of it, it will be an awesome ride with a very detailed interior. As the image above depicts, notice the diamond-quilted Nappa leather seats, two-tone Alcantara coverings for the inner roof, pullas and trim and a custom gray exterior paint job and matte black roof, wheels and trim. This vehicle is all and all awesome looking and I cannot wait to see one on the road. What do you all think?

Vilner via Uncrate