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Vintage Land Rover Defenders by West Coast Defender

vintage land rover defenders

Do you remember the old Land Rover Defender. One of the toughest vehicles to roll off any production line. Sadly, these beasts were never sold in the USA, at least not until now. West Coast Defender has just as much passion for these tough machines as we do and they decided to do something about it. They started hunting down vintage Defenders around the globe to bring to the USA. Now, that is where a lot of people would stop, but where West Coast Defender just gets rolling.

They take these vintage vehicles and recreate them into up to date rides that fit our new lifestyles. They pack them with comfort, high end entertainment systems, and go through every mechanical point in the vehicle rebuilding, refining, and beautifying. When they get done you have a tough Defender with a touch of class ready to hit the road. These rebuilt wonders sell for around $100,000 with a plan to produce 100 per year.

Via West Coast Defender