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Volvo V40

volvo v40

The Volvo V40 just made its grand debut at the Geneva Auto Show and looks ready to grab a big slice of the premium hatchback market. The V40 is packed with safety features like we have all come to expect from Volvo. This new model include a new pedestrian detection system paired with an auto-brake system. If the car detects a pedestrian near the car when you in motion it will make a safe stop unassisted by you.

Another new safety feature is the haptic auto steering and lane keeping system. This combination helps to make sure you do not stray across the center line into oncoming traffic. The car is packed with airbags for safety including the world’s first pedestrian airbags to protect people outside your car.

Safety is not the first reason most of us drive.  We want a car that handles great, has good power, and is fun. The Volvo V40 does not disappoint. It has several different power options including a highly efficient diesel motor with some of the lowest emission factors ever. To get a V40 with a little extra punch consider the turbocharged T5 gasoline engine which produces over 250HP. This Volvo is not expected to be offered in the USA market immediately.

Via Volvo