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Wally 55 Powerboat

wally 55 powerboat

Gentlemen, forget about jet skis, speed boats, and bass boats. Those tiny creations have no relation to the Wally 55 Powerboat. The Wally would eat those tiny craft for lunch and then just rumble away. When Wally says Powerboat, they mean real power generated by FOUR Volvo IPS600 engines that can send this massive boat ripping through the water at over 40 knots. They boat is designed by speed and performance, but luxury is not overlooked. Inside the boat you will find either 2 or 3 cabins, depending on your choice. These are not tiny little rooms, but real luxury with refrigerators, bathrooms, and real beds. There are day beds on the deck, a retractable hydraulic ladder for getting in and out of the water, and even a small sleeping area for a crew member. Now that is a powerboat.

You might need to dig a little deep into your wallet to buy your Wally 55 Powerboat. Pricing starts around $2.4 Million.

Via Wally