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XJR1300 Project by Deus and Yamaha

Yamaha XJR1300 Project X by Deus

When Yamaha made the decision to have an XJR1300 redefined they turned to the Deus offices in Italy. They obviously made the perfect choice. Deus stripped the bike down to bare bolts and started reconstructing and customizing from the ground up. Their Yard Built production creates a Yamaha XJR1300 that looks like it is ready to battle the forces of evil, or at least run over a few Zombies when the next apocalypse begins. The massive fuel tanks in flat black catches your eyes immediately, but as your eyes flow over the seat, the intense looking frame, and awesome black highlight, you know this bike is special.

Deus did not focus on aesthetics alone. They beefed up the engine, suspension, brakes, and every other aspect of the bike until it was simply awesome.





Via Yamaha Motors Europe