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Yamaha Vmax Gets the Roland Sands Treatment

Yamaha VMax

Yamaha wanted to know how far the experts in motorcycle design could push the Yamaha Vmax, so they contacted Roland Sands and let him loose. Roland knew immediately that the heart of his build was to focus on the power of the Vmax, so he started by stripping down the bike to he basics. Every piece of the design was focused on the basics to build the bike to get the most out of it, while turning it into an exceptional beauty. The 4-to-1 exhaust served the purposes of creating eye appeal, a deep throaty sound to announce the bikes approach, and improved performance. The fuel tank was moved to the belly to give more room, clean-up the aerodynamics, and give the bike a sleeker look.

The result is a bike that is fast, fun to ride, and incredible to look at. Anyone seeing this RSD modified Yamaha Vmax instantly knows this is a performance bike first and a style statement second. You can learn more about this fascinating build on the Roland Sands Blog.






Via Motorvista and Roland Sands Design