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Yamaha XVS400 “Atlas” by BanditNine

yamaha xvs400 atlas

Hidden in the busy city of Beijing is one of the most dynamic custom motorcycle building shops in the world, BanditNine. Headed by Daryl Villanueva, BanditNine keeps pumping out impressive builds packed with anger and fury. Terming the bikes beautiful would be an insult. These bikes are built to be beasts and look the part. Atlas, a rehashed Yamaha XVS400, went through a major rebuild. The engine was rebuilt from the ground up. The transmission ripped to pieces and reconstructed. Then the fun began as BanditNine transformed the frame, gas tank, seat, exhaust system, side panels, and almost every feature of the bike. The final result is a bike that strikes respect and fear in riders around it. The dark color and impressive growl make this a bike riders love.

You can read about the entire build on BanditNine’s blog, or learn more about their entire lineup on the BanditNine website.





Via PipeBurn and BanditNine