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Sponsored Video: Motorola RAZR™ i with Intel Inside

In a world of huge handheld smartphones, the new Motorola RAZR i stands out with two important elements. For one, Motorola packed a pretty large screen into a pretty compact handset and secondly, it is the first brand handset to use an Intel chipset. The phone is priced to be competitive with HTC’s One S.

For those of you who enjoy all the great features and benefits of a smartphone but were reluctant to buy one because of the sheer size of the device, The RAZR i allows you to jump into the market and enjoy all the features and power in a 4.3 inch display. The phone will fit extremely well in your hand and will allow for easy carrying in your jeans.

Some of the specs of the phone are: the bezels down the side of the display are about 3mm across, and at 123x61x8.3mm. A key difference that may be recognized from previous RAZR devices is that the touch-sensitive buttons below the display have been dropped, to be replaced conveniently with onscreen buttons. Though some may say this may limit the onscreen space you have, they slide away nicely as you watch movies or browse through pictures allowing for a full screen display. The display itself is Super AMOLED with a 960×540 resolution which are comparable to previous RAZR devices.

The new RAZR i is definitely a great device and has come to the market in a time of where super-sized handhelds are not always appreciated by all.

Check out the commercial above that is currently being run in the UK showcasing the true power of this new device.

*Sponsored by Motorola