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101.73 Carat Diamond Sells for Over 26 Million Dollars

101-carat diamond

The record has been shattered. Christie’s, the world famous auction house, just sold a 101.73 Carat diamond for $26,746,541, is that something  you would pay for an engagement ring? We didn’t think so, but this diamond is probably worth every penny. The size, clarity, and color make this diamond one of the rarest finds ever. It took a full 21 months for diamond finishers to polish this single diamond. It is D-shaped diamond the glitters and sparkles in the light.

What makes the value of this diamond soar is the fact it is rated a flawless. The rarity of diamond of this size being flawless is astronomical. Large diamond finds are not uncommon, but most diamond are filled with flaws that are removed as the diamond is repeatedly cut into smaller stones. This diamond is flawless in all 101.73 Carats. Where can we uncover one of these rocks for ourselves?

Via BornRich and Christies