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110 Inch Inflatable Pool Movie Screen

110 Swimming Pool Movie Screen

Bring your digital projector out to the pool and prepare for an amazing night of entertainment. The days of the drive-in theatre are almost gone, but now thanks to innovative thinkers at Superior Inflatables, we don’t care. We can have even more fun in the backyard by blowing up this massive 110″ diagonal movie screen that supports both front and rear projection. The screen is 8 feet wide by 4.5 feet high providing a true 16:9 viewing screen so you can watch widescreen movies while floating in the pool. The inflatable movie screen is held in place using rope tie-downs so you are not constantly moving the projector to find the bobbing screen.

You can order your incredible floating movie screen for $1249 from Amazon. Of course, during the winter months you could always use it as portable viewing screen indoors.

Via Amazon