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13-Year Old Boy Makes Incredible Invention Using LEGO


LEGO is one of the favorite toys of kids worldwide, but never before has anyone come up with an idea as astounding as 13-year old Shubham Banerjee. When he saw a flyer about raising money for the blind, he decided to make helping the blind the topic of his science project. Shubham started doing his research on what blind persons needed and was shocked by the high prices for Braille printers. He looked over at his LEOG Robotics kit and his mind went into overdrive. Shubham took his LEGO toy and a few other parts and created a Braille Printer with a total cost of $500, one fourth the cost of a traditional braille printer. He called his creation Braigo.

His idea caught the attention Intel, who quickly contacted Shubham to help fund his research and help in create a business to produce the printers through his company called Braigo Labs. His keen mind and inventive spirit not only helped him excel on his science project, it has helped him create a business, and reach out to the blind community with technology they desperately need.

Via The Lad Bible and Braigo on Facebook