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15 Google Tricks You Gotta Try


Google seems to always find new ways to deliver the information we want in the fastest way possible, but they are not always fast to tell us about their latest search tricks. Here are 15 of the coolest tricks you will want to start using today.

1. Get your flight information the fast way.

Just type your flight number and airline into the search bar, and you instantly get the up to date information.

2. Pizza vs Cupcake – Get food facts in seconds.

If you just type in a simple query like Pizza vs Cupcake, you immediately get a comparison of calories, fats, protein, and other important dietary facts.

3. The Blacklist Episodes – Fast TV shows news.

Curious about the schedule for your favorite show or info on past episodes. A quick search of the TV show’s name followed by episodes will give you the information in seconds.

4. Google Alarm – Set a timer in your search.

Need to leave the office in 45 minutes? Just type “set timer 45 minutes” in your search bar and Google starts a countdown for you.

5. Songs by Slipknot

Just type in “songs by Slipknot” or your favorite artist, and instantly have the full list of their songs, all of them.

6. Sunrise Los Angeles

Do you want to know what time to be on the road to see the sunrise, or the perfect time to hit the beach for sunset, just ask Google.

7. Freak out your friends – Tell Google to “Do A Barrel Roll”

Try this one now, you will love it.

8. Tilt

If the barrel roll got your attention, just type Tilt and see what happens.

9. Live life over again with Recursion.

You always see Google’s great suggestions for alternative searches, until recursion.

10. Google teases us when you search for Anagram.

If you don’t know what an anagram is, just search it now. Google teaches by example this time.

11. You still don’t understand anagram, then try this.

Sometimes you need to tell Google a little more clearly your desires, type “Define Anagram” .

12. Weather 90210

You can not make getting the weather forecast any easier than typing weather and your zip code.

13. Convert Euro to Dollars

Google conversions are going to blow you away. You can convert currency amounts, cups to liters, grams to pounds, miles to kilometers, and timezones all right from Google search.

14. Outwit your English and Literature teachers with etymology.

Type in any word followed by etymology and you will become the word expert, knowing more than your wittiest teachers.

15. The hidden Google Calculator – Square Root of 400

Just type in your math problem and watch the calculator appear, and yes, it even works for sine, cosine, tangent, inverses, and more.

There is a lot of hidden magic lying under the hood of the Google search engine, if you just take the time to play.