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2015 Lexus RC Coupe


November 20th will be an exciting day for Lexus at the Tokyo auto show. Their recent sneak peek at the 2015 Lexus RC Coupe has auto lovers salivating at the chance to see the car in person. The RC Coupe brings the Lexus LF-LC Concept they exhibited earlier this year to life, but in an even more impressive fashion. The car’s aggressive front grill takes its queue from the Lexus trademark spindle grill, but pushes it even lower to the ground. The interior of the car takes Lexus luxury to a new level. What Lexus plans under the hood is even more impressive. They plan to launch the RC Coupe with a choice of a 3.5 liter V-6, or their 2.5 liter hybrid that provides phenomenal performance and fuel economy. The RC Couple debut models will feature both 19″ 10-Spoke wheels or 18″ 5-spoke high-performance wheels.

Car lovers may drool over these new models, but they need to be ready to be patient. An official launch date to dealers has not been announced for this exciting 2015 model.



2015 Lexus RC Coupe


Via Lexus