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3D Monopoly Set by Charles Fazzino

monopoly fazzino edition

3D artist Charles Fazzino displays his talent in many ways, but one of his recent works gets our game playing desires in full bloom. Fazzino crafted a complete 3D Monopoly Game that includes 170 crystals, foil highlights, all set in a 2 inch deep wood cabinet finished in black with a glass cover. Fazzino even created custom cards, money, titles, playing pieces, and a banker’s tray that is lavish enough for Madison Avenue. The Monopoly board pops out at you, creating additional intrigue and fun to this classic game. This opulent board game sells for around $500, but is worth the investment for lover’s of the game of Monopoly.

If you want one of these cool Monopoly games, you need to move quickly. Fazzino is only authorizing 2000 pieces with shipments starting in November.



Via Gadget Review and Fazzino