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3DD Deluxe by Henry Hargreaves

3dd deluxe

Henry Hargreaves has created two enticing books that highlight women’s breasts in amazing 3D detail. These are not filled with erotic material but packed with pictures of women who are packing a bra full of 3D excitement.

Henry’s two books are the 3DD Original and the new 3DD Deluxe. You can grab both books through the 3DD store along with a pair of awesome 3D aviator glasses. No more of those silly cardboard 3D glasses, you can look cool reading your 3D books or going to a 3D movie. 3DD Deluxe sells for $24.99 with the Original 3DD selling for $29.99.

Just remember, they only look like you can reach out and touch them. Henry has a bundle offering the aviators and both books for just $50, a great bargain.

Via Buy it here and Three-DD