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A Visual Guide to Shirt Collars for Men

a visual guide to shirt collars

Quick, what is the difference between a cutaway, tabbed, and spread collar shirt? You do not know? Congratulations, until just a few moments ago it was a mystery to us, too. Now with the help of the Visual Guide to Shirt Collars from, we can understand the different styles of collars we see mentioned online and figure out when we should wear them. The illustrations help us see immediately how each collar appears and the proper way to wear them. Of course, many of us men only choose to be tortured by a variety of collars when our women declare it is time for us to try a new style.

Now when your sweetheart tells you she thinks you would look great in a Club Collar shirt, you can find know the style, grin, and say “Yes, honey” and be prepared to wear it the right way to make her night. You can find the entire guide on the Ties website.


Via Cool Daily Infographics and Ties