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Abraham Lincoln The Renegade Chef

abraham lincoln in the kitchen

We know of Abraham Lincoln as a deeply committed President. We know him as the man who freed the slaves and reunited a country with his vision. We know of his untimely assassination and his fictional reign as America’s number one Vampire Hunter. Do you know of Abraham Lincoln as a chef and his culinary tastes? Author Rae Katherine Eighmey takes us on a unique journey into Lincoln’s life that journeys through 55 recipes of his time and dives deep into the history of Lincoln at the same time.

The book is a unique biography that helps us not only understand facts about Lincoln, but gives a unique view of the time through food. Picture Lincoln licking his fingers after eating BBQ pigs feet and finished the meal with some homemade strawberry ice cream. You can learn about Lincoln’s culinary life by grabbing a copy of Abraham Lincoln in the Kitchen on Amazon for $13.88.

Via Uncrate and Amazon