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Action Camera Cases from Incase

incase action camera collection

Tell us you do not toss all of your gear in a backpack and hit the road. A GoPro Camera is tough, but you do not want to risk your gear while transporting it in your car, on the plane, or in a boat. You want the only time your camera is at risk is when you are filming some of the coolest action shots on the planet. Incase has made it easy to carry your gear in style, and protect it from even the most vicious baggage handlers you can find. Their new series of Action Camera Cases are designed with perfectly sized cut-outs in the protective phone to lock your GoPro and accessories in place. The outer shells keep the camera safe from jolts and from other bags slamming into the sides.

The kits come in a variety of sizes starting at under $40 for the small Mono case and topping out at $199.95 for the Pro Pack for those photographer adventurists who want to carry a full load of gear.




Via Bless This Stuff and Incase