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Action Hero Rescue Kit

action hero rescue kit

It is amazing how long the wiley ideas of MacGyver have stayed in the imagination of the world, long after the TV show left the air. In this cool Action Hero Rescue Kit,  you have all the things a budding MacGyver would need to save the world. Surely you can deactivate a bomb using a bobby pin and a paper clip. Everyone knows you can do millions of things with a shoelace and when paired with a small piece of duct tape, there is almost  no end to the rescue you could accomplish. You can even use the tiny birthday candle to time your getaway explosion, or to light the room while you work your magic.

This clever kit may not be as reliable as a real survival kit, but with the right wild ideas, some ingenuity, and leveraging the small items in your kit and your surroundings, you can be an action hero. The kit sells for a measly $9.95. A tiny price to pay for action hero status.

Via HiConsumption and I Fix It