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Adonit Writer for the iPad 2

Adonit Writer for iPad 2

Now they have done it.  They converted the iPad 1 and iPad 2 into a usable typing machine.  The Adonit Writer is one of the coolest gadgets to come along for your iPad.  The Writer is a bluetooth keyboard and carrying case combination with intergrates smoothly with the iPad. The Adonit Writer works with the iPad in landscape mode, the most productive direction for serious typing.  It easily connects to the iPad via bluetooth at the simple press of a button. They keyboard is powered by 3-AAA batteries which can give you a full month of typing even if you type a full 5 hours per day.

The keys are designed to be soft and non-scratching to protect your iPad screen when you are finished and fold the case closed.  If you have ever become frustrated trying to type on the touchscreen you have just found the answer to your dreams.  The Adonit Writer can increase your productivity instantly.