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An Umbrella That Protects You From Rain With A Jet Of Air, But Only Lasts 30 Minutes

air umbrella

Do you want to be the coolest geek in the office? Imagine on the next rainy day stepping outside, holding up your umbrella with no top, and staying completely dry. The Air Umbrella uses powerful air currents to redirect the rain away from you, keeping you dry. The umbrella is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery that will keep you dry or up to 1 hour, plenty of time to scoot from the office to your car or a subway train. The controller is located on the base of the Air Umbrella, with a powerful motor and fan system at the top. The fan forces are to create a canopy of air above your head to keep you just as dry as a regular umbrella, but looking so much cooler.

This innovative design is still in pre-production development and is being funded through a KickStarter project. You can currently reserve an Air Umbrella for $118 through the project.

Via Air Umbrella on KickStarter