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AL13 Aerospace Aluminum iPhone Bumper

al13 aerospace aluminum iphone bumper

What makes the perfect bumper for your iPhone? The first thing we want is the bumper to provide protection so our phone does not get dinged and damaged. The bumper needs to provide protection from everyday use without causing damage itself. The second thing we want is a small size. We would prefer no one ever know we are using a bumper. If it is thin and tight, it is perfect. The final feature would want is style. It needs to give us options for color and great appearance. The AL13 Aerospace Aluminum iPhone Bumper is all of those things and more. This cool KickStarter project takes those elements and exceeds them. The think aluminum frame and padding protects your phone. The multiple colors make  your phone look great.

You can reserve an AL13 Bumper by donating either $55 or $65 to their KickStarter project.


Via KickStarter