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Alarm Clock Seduces You Awake with Quiet Sounds and Delicious Coffee


Many of us have invested in a coffee pot that starts at a set time to make sure the pot is ready when we sleep stumble into the kitchen. Imagine if you could be gently seduced awake by the fresh scent of coffee and the gentle sounds of a cool brewer right in your room. The Barisieur created by Joshua Renouf uses a series of steel ball bearing to heat water using induction heat. The bearing makes a quiet noise in the room to start waking you, while the sweet smell of freshly brewing coffee tantalizes your nose to start pulling you out of your deep sleep. You can grab that first essential cup right from your nightstand and head into your bathroom with a grin on your face.

The Barisieur is not ordinary in looks either. The wood surfaces, glittering glasswork, and seductive metal surfaces make it a beautiful accessory to your room, along with being highly functional. The project is still in development, can we can already imagine that first cup of coffee luring us awake.







Via Josh Renouf Design