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Alarming Sound Beach Safe

alarming sound beach safe

It is always hard to decide what to do with your valuables on the beach, the picnic grounds, or even a swimming pool. You turn you back for a moment and your iPhone and digital camera are sprinting down the beach and never seen again. The Alarming Sound Beach Safe may change that instantly. The Beach Safe has a 110 decibel alarm that sounds the moment the box is snipped from the cord or tampered with. That is the same volume as a chainsaw ripping through a tree. That loud noise will send thieves running for cover.

The box provides 190 cubic inches of storage. You can tether the box to any large item and thief is unlikely to steal. All the wires and the 9V battery are hidden inside the locked box making it impossible for a thief to disable the alarm. At $49.95, this is a great investment for protecting your phone and other valuables this summer.

Via Hammacher Schlemmer