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Alpackalypse Whitewater Packraft

Alpackalypse Whitewater Packraft

What is an adventurist supposed to do when the rapids are too far away to carry a kayak? What is a backpacker supposed to do when he wants to catch a little adventure on some fast moving water? Alpacka’s new Alpackalypse Whitewater Packraft is an elegant blend of a kayak and a packraft that makes is possible for both a daredevil whitewater lover or a backpacker to hit the water in remote locations. Apackalypse breaks down to be carried with your backpack and weighs just over 10 pounds and fits in a 17″ x 11″ cylinder. Is it durable? Watch Alpacka’s demo video and watch as it blasts through rugged whitewater, maybe not as efficiently as a full-size kayak, but with incredible style.

Alpackalypse Whitewater Packraft allows outdoor adventurers to hit the water in exciting new locations. Just don’t forget to toss in your GoPro so you can share your adventures with the world.




Via HiConsumption and Alpacka Raft