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Amazon Echo

amazon echo

You had your wishlist ready for Christmas. You knew just what to get every geek and nerd on your list. Then Amazon went and changed everything. They even flipped your thinking on what to get the most tech illiterate person in your family. Amazon Echo may be life changing for the tech challenged, and the favorite gadget of the tech blessed. Echo is an elegant cylinder you place in your home, connect to the internet, and then tell it what to do. Do you want to listen to the Greatest Hits of Eric Clapton? Just say “Alexa, play music by Eric Clapton” and the music begins. Have a pressing question about the weather? Just say “Alexa, what is the weather forecast?” and you get your answer. The voice controlled technology is fueled by Amazon’s powerful cloud services and will continue to gain in capability every week.

Amazon Echo sell for $199, or only $99 for Prime Members, but is only available by invitation. You can request an invitation on Amazon’s Echo webpage.

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