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Ammo Box Poker Set

ammo box poker set

Why would you need a new poker set? The little plastic tray holding your chips and cards is adequate, right? It is time for some serious man talk. Who wants to be “adequate”? We want to be tough, ready, hardcore, different, powerful, and assertive. The Ammo Box Poker Set brings all of that rough and tumble attitude right to your poker table. No more wimpy plastic trays. Now you can have your poker set in hard core .30 Caliber Ammo Box. The Ammo can holds 300 poker chips and two decks of cards preparing you for battle around the poker table. What about taking it out in the wild? The Ammo Box Poker Set is waterproof, fireproof, and bear proof. You can take it camping, fishing, hunting, or out by the swimming pool for some serious man-to-man, get serious, ante-up action.

The Ammo Box Poker Set is a KickStarter Project. You can pre-order your set for $119, complete with chips, custom created cards, and the Ammo box.




Via KickStarter