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Apple iPhone 5 Seashell Waterproof Case

seashell iphone5 waterproof case

Are you taking your iPhone 5 to the beach? Were you thinking about doing a little snorkeling? What about taking your iPhone to the pool? Are you going to take it into the water? With the Apple iPhone 5 Seashell Waterproof Case you can take your phone in the ocean, in a lake, or in the pool with confidence. The case protects your phone up to 40 meters deep, about 130 feet. We doubt you are going to dive that deep without scuba gear.

The cool thing about the case is its real purpose. It is designed to allow you to take high-quality underwater pictures with your iPhone while keeping it perfect safe. Imagine the cool shots you can get while snorkeling or just swimming in the pool. Shots of kids with bubbles exploding from their noses. Girls diving under the water. Fish gliding buy as you snorkel. The possibilities are endless. You can start your underwater photography fun for only $129.95 from Amazon.

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