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ARCHT One Wireless Speaker – Revolutionizing Wireless Speakers

Archt One Wireless Speaker

ARCHT One changes the way you will look at wireless speakers for your home forever. Traditional wireless speaker systems use a series of speakers placed around your room, or hung on your walls. They create an eyesore in your room. ARCHT One is a single speaker that produces incredible sound quality and volume, plus it adapts to you. The speaker can be placed anywhere in the room then your find its patented speaker array system to fit the room. You use  your smartphone to define the space.

ARCHT breaks free from the traditional boxy look, providing  you with a speaker that looks like a stylish sculpture placed in  your room as a decoration. ARCHT One is currently seeking funding through a KickStarter project. You can pre-order an ARCHT One for $349.





Via KickStarter