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Arctic Force Snowball Blaster

arctic force snowball blaster

The squirt guns and water blasters are put away for the winter. We look back thinking about all the fun we had racing through the yard shooting at each other getting drenched on those hot summer days. Quit whining and reminiscing. A snow covered yard can be an even bigger blast than those water blasters when you have an Arctic Force Snowball Blaster. The Arctic Force has three tubes you pack with snow for it to create snowballs and then blast them 80 feet at high velocity. That is farther than almost any of us can throw a snowball. Imagine the shock on friends faces when the snowball fight battle suddenly switches into a massacre while you laugh maniacally with your Arctic Force Blaster in hand.

The Arctic Force Snowball Blaster is available on Amazon for only $30. Get a couple for Christmas and start wishing for a white Christmas filled with blasting snowballs.

Via Uncrate and Amazon