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Aston Martin x Colette – Big Action in a Small Package


Aston Martin and French designer Colette are teaming up to create 14 Aston Martin x colette example cars.  These cars will be hand crafted by Aston Martin’s Ultimate Personalisation team.  They are taking the breathtaking color schemes and ideas of Colette and transfixing them to the tiny Aston Martin Bespoke Cygnet City Car. 

This first example shows Colette’s eye of color and detail with the lightning silver and Colette blue highlights.  The treatment is not only superficial but the Colette touch runs throughout the entire car.

If you think the outside of this car is stunning you will be shocked by the Colette treatment inside which includes hand quilting, pillows, and other high-quality touches.

cygnet back

All of this style and the exclusivity of owning one of only 14 colette example cars will cost approximately $70,000.  Considering this is a tiny efficient car which normally retails for a little over $40,000 until you add in the Colette touch.  The price of French flair and having an exclusive collector’s car may seem a bit steep until you consider this car will likely only increase in value due to rarity.

If you get your order in quickly you can have your car in time for Christmas.

Via Acquire Mag and Colette which includes the email address for ordering.