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Ayrton Senna Stormtrooper Racing Helmet


You have to admit, this Ayrton Senna Stormtrooper Racing Helmet is incredible looking, even though it is in  yellow instead of Stormtrooper white. The helmet is not actually a “for purchase” product you can drop into the store to buy, but is an inspired work of art. The helmet shows off the fact the Lucas Stormtrooper helmet design is not so outlandish and actually translates into real life very well. Now, we do have to stop and wonder if a Stormtrooper helmet looks this cool, how intimidating would it be to have a Darth Vader helmet to wear in a real racing situation. Imagine the fear  you could instill in your opponents as they see you sneaking up their tailpipe.

The Ayrton Senna Stormtrooper Helmet is creation by artist Jason Brooks.

Via HiConsumption and Art Net