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Backgammon That Is Cooler Than Your iPad

stylish backgammon

Playing games on your iPad or Android tablet might be cool, but it is only half as cool as playing backgammon with one of the cool Backgammon Sets from the Ben Frankforter Studio. The backgammon sets are created from solid oak with wooden playing pieces that hide inside the case when you fold it closed. The case measures 42 cm x 21 cm and is only 7 cm thick. You can fold it closed, drop it in your briefcase, carry it under your arm, or even put it in an over-sized pants pocket. The sets come in a solid oak finish or a choice of three bright flock surfaces.

Just remember, the Ben Frankforter Backgammon set does not require an internet connect, recharging, screen cleaning, or the right ambient light. You just pop it open and play. The set sells for around $600.


Via If Its Hip Its Here and Ben Frankforter