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Bacon Condoms

bacon condoms

Is it an early April Fool’s joke? Well, you could certainly use the Bacon Condoms as a joke on April first, but these are the real deal. The Bacon Condoms come from J&D’s Food. Yes, you heard that right, it is from a company that specializes in selling incredible bacon flavored delicacies like Bacon Salt, Baconnaise, and other delightfully wicked foods. They released the hot selling BaconLube onto the market to the delight of bacon lovers everywhere, and have now followed it up with Bacon Condoms.

Bacon Condoms are just as delicious as they sound, according to the company. They are coated in their infamous BaconLube, a bacon flavored lubricant. Just to make this clear, there is ZERO PORK used in the creation of these products. J&D’s has also created a bacon lip balm. Just imagine, you can have bacon on your lips, as your lube, and for protection.

Keep in mind, jokes about your partner being a “porker” while you use these wild products will result in physical pain when they kick you in the….

Don’t forget to remind your partner that just because it looks like bacon and smells like bacon does not mean teeth are required. If you want to start the fun off on a lighter note, grab a bottle of their incredible Bacon Massage Oil, because as we all know, everything is better with bacon.

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