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Do you believe everything is better with bacon? It is time to step up and become a real lover of bacon and create your own. The Baconkit gives you all the instructions, all the spices, and everything you need to make 5 pounds of bacon except the pork belly.

Why would you want to create your own bacon? Number one, it is a lot of fun. You get to experiment and understand how one of our favorite foods is created. Number two, you can customize your bacon to taste just like you want it. Do you like maple flavored bacon? Then add maple syrup. Do you want your bacon to have a Jack Daniel’s flavor? Then add a little Jack to your bacon production and have something unique.

There is one more reason you might want to make five pounds of bacon. Imagine how impressive of a gift specialty bacon would be to some of your friends. You can bless them with a pound of your own unique creation as an unusual gift you know they will love.

The last reason, BBQ season is here. Imagine the flavor of using your own custom bacon wrapped around a fresh cut filet. Can you dream of the flavor of shish-ka-bob created with your designer bacon? At only $16.99, the Baconkit is a great value. Just add pork belly and have fun.

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