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Baddy Garden Gnome

baddy hip garden gnome

Garden Gnomes are commonplace, unless you are Baddy the Hip Garden Gnome. Baddy has attitude that is not matched by other boring Gnomes. It starts with Baddy’s colors. You can grab him in Fuscia, Acid Green, Gold, and other colors, but that is not what makes him the coolest Gnome in the Garden. Baddy glows! These cool Garden Gnomes are available as a luminescent version that grabs power from the light and then glows for hours when the lights go down. Think how cool this could be for having some Gnome garden path guards. Their glowing bodies would show you the path through the yard even without the yard lights being turned on.

Baddy comes in two sizes, the traditional Garden Gnome and his evil mini brother at about a quarter of the height. Another great thing about Baddy, you can place him inside your house!




Via If It’s Hip It’s Here and PlusTCollection