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Baldwin Denim Men’s Wallet

baldwin denim mens wallet

Guys, are you ready for a wallet tough as denim?  The Baldwin Denim Men’s Wallet ($78) is tough, handsome, and functional, which sounds a lot like you. The core of the wallet is created from high-quality strong denim fabric which can take years of abuse. On the outside you find a single leather rawhide pocket sewn tightly in place.

The leather pocket is sized to hold your credit cards, license, or other small items. There is a larger pocket which can comfortably hold an iPhone or Android phone. On the back side of the wallet is a large lined pocket which can be used for a pair of sunglasses or other items.

The Denim Wallet is one of those rare high-quality products made 100% in the USA, right in the heart of the country in Kansas City. These are not machine cranked out wallets. They are completely hand stitched leading to high quality and increased durability.