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Bandit Rubberband Guns

bandit rubberband guns

Half the fun of having a rubberband gun is building it. Bandit Guns builds a pair of cool rubber band shotgun kits that lets you assemble your own rubber shooting gun of destruction. They offer the Sheriff Shotgun and the Outlaw Shotgun. The two pistol sized rubberband shooters feature single and multiple shot options. You can choose to unleash rubberbands one at a time, or do the shotgun approach and let them all fly at one time. The kits come with all the laser cut wood pieces, plastic fasteners, and instructions you need. You need no tools and no glue to put the gun together, which sounds perfect as a gift for kids.

The kits even include 130 rubber bands to start your own war. Of course, we recommend getting a few hundred extra rubber bands and a pair of guns for some wild Christmas shootouts between the Sheriff and the Outlaw. The Sheriff sells for $35 while the Outlaw is a steal at only $25.

Via Uncrate and Bandit Guns