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Barbuzzo Throwzini Kitchen Knife Set

barbuzzo throwzini kitchen knife set

Do you need a little extra laughter and pizzazz in your kitchen? The Barbuzzo Throwzini Kitchen Knife set gives you a fantastic set of stainless steel knives that are razor sharp, durable, and downright funny. The knives themselves are balanced and perfect for all kitchen chores, but when you go to store them in the knife holder you are going to struggle not to laugh. The knife holder has a tiny plastic man strapped down to the round wooden turntable just like you see in circus knife throwing sideshows. The knives are strategically stored around his trapped body to give the appearance of perfectly thrown blades.

You can even spin the “target”, just like they do for the big finale at the circus. This fascinating set of knives and turntable knife holder is available on Amazon for around $90.

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