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Batman The Dark Knight Joker Latex Clown Mask

Batman The Dark Knight Adult Joker Latex Clown Mask

Are you still hunting for a Halloween mask? Even if Halloween has come and gone, this cool Batman The Dark Knight Joker Latex Mask is a great addition to your Batman collectibles. Imagine the fear you can put in children by donning this scary clown and sneaking up behind them right at the most intense moments of the movie. Your kids might grow up with a phobia for clowns. The mask pulls tightly over your head making you the scariest clown in town. For the best effects, Rubie’s Costumes recommends adding black eye makeup around your eyes, adding just a little more fright to your adventurous night.

The Batman The Dark Knight Joker Mask sells for under $23 on Amazon.

Via Gadget Review and Amazon