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Beefeater Pizza Oven

beefeater pizza oven

Do you love to eat wood-fired pizza? Do you enjoy the idea of keeping all of the heat out of your home while you back a fabulous deep dish pizza? Maybe you would love to add pizza to your BBQ festivities in the backyard. The Beefeater Pizza Oven lets you do all of those things.

The Beefeater Pizza Oven is an easy to mount accessory to use with your outdoor grill. It is ideal to use with your gas-fired grill. Just toss in a few of your favorite hickory, mesquite, cherry, or other smoking materials to make an incredible pizza. The oven includes a thermometer so you can fine tune your temperature for perfect baking. Imagine how great that pizza is going to taste with just a hint of smokey goodness flowing through it. Now the only thing you need to decide is what toppings to put on your monster pizza. Oh, the oven even comes with a baking stone and wooden pizza paddle so you are ready to get started. The oven is priced at $269 through Amazon.

Via Beefeater