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Beer Shot Light Glass

beer shot light glass

Do you want a glass of beer, a shot of tequila, a romantic candlelight dinner? Guys, we all hate keeping too many things jammed in our cabinets, it just means extra washing. The Beer Shot Light Glass is the answer to our prayers. You stand it up one direction and fill it up with your favorite brew. Flip it over and it is a shot glass waiting for that tequila, whiskey, or scotch.

Then when you happen to need to put out some candles for a special night, the shot side is designed to hold votive candles perfectly. Just think of the perfection. You start the evening with a shot of tequila, flip the glass to chase it with beer, slam the glass down on the table and light up the candles. Ok, so you might want to rinse the glass first, but heck, it is still just one glass.

You can find these fun glasses through the High Wave store for $19.00 s set of two. Just make sure you pick up the beer, booze, and candles to use them properly.