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Big Ass Garage Lights – Crank Up The Power In Your Man Cave

big ass garage light

Those little incandescent lights have failed you. Their fluorescent replacements are just as dismal. If you want to light up your garage and turn it into a beacon of hope, it is time to get some Big Ass Garage Lights. The Big Ass Garage Lights come from the same company who brought us the Big Ass Fans. These powerful garage lights produce over 13,000 lumens of light with each fixture allowing you to turn the darkest space into day. The 122 W LED light fixtures consume less power that a couple 75 watt incandescent bulbs, but provide dramatically more light.

The reflective case is made from a single piece of extruded aluminum that makes it both strong and lightweight.  A single Big Ass Garage Light sells for $399. You can learn all the details on the Big Ass site.

Via Big Ass Lights