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Big Bang Theory Clue

big bang theory clue

No more Colonel Mustard or Ms. Peacock. We have a new set of villains, detectives, and odd problems to solve as The Clue Game is reborn as the Big Bang Theory Clue Game. This revamped game highlights all of our favorite characters from Big Bang Theory and sets up some very odd events for us to solve. Who messed with Sheldon’s Toothbrush and why? What happened to the Equation Board and who did it?

You can take your love for both the game of Clue and Big Bang Theory and have a blast as you solve the mystery cooked up by these crazy characters. The game is available now through the CBS Store online for $39.95. Go ahead, grab the game, a DVD boxed set of Season 1, and invite over your friends for a night of Big Bang Theory mayhem and mystery solving.

Via CBS Store