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Bike Planters

bike planters

Going green has an all new meaning for bicycle riders thanks to Wearable Planter on Etsy. One of their newest innovations are tiny plastic planters that strap on to your bicycle frame. You can carry little plants out on the road with you as  you pedal your way around the park or on your way to the office. You are keeping the world green by not burning carbon fuels as you pedal and adding plants back to the world. Ok, so maybe this is going a step overboard on the idea of green, but it is a clever way to start a conversation with people you run into while riding your bike. How many other riders are going to have plants sprouting off of their bikes?

The Bike Planters are available on Etsy in Cobalt Blue, Orange, Black, Purple, Teal, and Red for $45 each.

Via Wearable Planter