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Bionic Boots Let You Sprint Up to 25 MPH


The fastest man in your city probably maxes out at 15.9 MPH. Tossing on a pair of Bionic Boots can let the average man to sprint at speeds up to 25 MPH and have a blast doing it. The Bionic Boots were designed by Keahi Seymour after watching the way an ostrich ran. He built the Bionic Boots to simulate the power generated by the Achilles tendon of an ostrich. The wacky looking boots make you look like a cyborg, but really are just simple framed boots using springs to generate tremendous bounce and forward force with your normal running motion.

Keahi wants to point out that his big arm movements in his videos is not necessary. He just used the large arm movements to add drama to the clips and is different from his normal runs. Imagine being able to run up to 10 MPH faster than you can now.




Via Bionic Boot